E:99 Getting More Bang for Your Casino Bucks with Steve Bourie

E:99 Getting More Bang for Your Casino Bucks with Steve Bourie 

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Opening Monologue

  • Cousin Vito and Cousin Mikey chat about the upcoming show, Vito’s upcoming trip to Las Vegas, and more! Plus, call or email in your gambling confessions! 

An American Casino Guide with Steve Bourie

  • www.americancasinoguide.com
  • Learn a lot of great tips about recreational gambling from Steve Bourie, questions include;

  When you started publishing the book in 1992 did you ever imagine you would still be working on it in 2018?

  • How have the deals changed over the years? 
  • Have some been around the entire time? Do some come and go?  
  • Do you have any specific deals that stand/stood out as amazing values?
  • With the enormous growth in gambling how has updating the the book changed?
  • Do any specific places stand out as places to avoid? Are their states with rules that aren’t worth the trip for a recreational gambler? 
  • Do you gamble still? If so, what games do/did you prefer? 
  • What was your greatest gambling experience? Could be a big win, could be a memorable evening. 
  • What got you into casino gaming? Did you have any gambling influences growing up?

Cousin Vito’s Pigskin Picks

  • Vito and Mikey review week 4 and Mikey make a huge pick as one of the FINAL SEVEN!

Vito Las Vegas

  • Brought to you by www.accessvegas.com 
  • Cousin Vito finishes up his itinerary and reveal another great top secret Access Vegas insider tip! 

Mikey’s Poker Face

  • www.fargopoker.com – Promo Code – vito18 saves 50% on sign-ups
  • Vito reminds everyone about the upcoming FARGO Poker gathering the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut including a recent sign up from miles away! 
  • Get all the details about room rates, promo codes, PRIVATE CRAPS TABLES, and more

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